VIPER DIVA - Born to be Slytherin EP

Last month VIPER DIVA released their long-awaited EP - Born to be Slytherin. VIPER DIVA is a project formed by Shlømo and Hadone, who are arguably two of the hottest techno producers working in the genre. 

While Shlømo brought Hadone onto the scene through the release of his Defining Persuasion EP on Shlømo’s own label, Taapion, the two have now started their own label together, SAIKE. From their bandcamp, SAIKE states they were created by both Shlømo and Hadone to create a sound that stays true to the club scene and to express their own vision of music. 

With this release, the French duo highlights some of the most notable sounds taking over the dance floor. What you’ll hear in this EP is forward-thrusting club music which features dark and hard kicks, rolling rhythms, and fresh melodic sounds. No track will leave you disappointed, personal favorites were "Hold Me Back" and "Cold Heart Prediction." 

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