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Aleksander Prus
Alek started Natural Music in 2017 with the goal of helping people discover new music they love. Sharing knowledge and recommendations around music is one of his favorite things in the world.
Morgan Clinton
Morgan pays bills working in booking and production at an independent music venue in Washington, DC. In past lives, and in this one, she's paid dues with prominent indie labels such as Carpark Records, and created content for Hype Machine syndicated music blogs.
Paul Ray
Paul Ray is a Politics and Philosophy undergraduate in Durham, UK.
Andrew Pitt
Drew Pitt is an experienced music reviewer specializing in detailed reviews of Avant-Garde, Experimental, and Metal artists. He currently writes the Apotheosis Newsletter [] When not writing about or listening to music, Drew works at an event marketing firm where he contributes to major events like CES, Adobe SUMMIT, and the LA Auto Show.
Mac Kempf
Currently studying at Ohio University with a love for hardcore and metal music. I grew up listening to all the great 90's grunge rock albums and from there my love for music, especially live music, has never stopped growing. Looking at a career in the music industry.
Brock Splawski
Recent graduate of the U of Minnesota - Twin Cities, B.A. in Journalism. Wrote reviews for student magazines. Former staff member of on-campus station Radio K.
Wade Landry
Former college radio station manager with a BA in Journalism. I have experience in Arts & Entertiainment reporting, social media marketing and radio promotions.
Tucker Pennington
Freelance writer and editor with a B.A. in journalism. Experience in culture writing as well as news writing
Prep cook by (typical) day, music rat by night. I've lived in 5 or 6 places in the last 18 months if you count your grandmas spare room. Former call center receptionist. Discovered Anthony Fantano in like 2009 and he introduced me to the world of music and Death Grips. The rest is history.
Laura Lenhart
Laura splits her creative energy between her career as an industrial designer and passion for writing and performing music. She is a multi-instrumentalist for the band Trying.
Nikita Ephanov
Graduating SMU with an applied mathematics degree. Freelance writer/photographer specializing in creative travel writing, experimental photography. Part-time work in education. Interest in music critcism for 6-7 years.
Mackenzie Gignac
Graduated Ohio State with a BA in journalism & strategic communications. Would like to cover the eletronic scene here in Melbourne and other cities.
Eric Couture
Student at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, focusing in graphic design. I love making things that look cool. The way to my heart is simple: a cool font.
Adam Mazey
Graduated from Ohio Sate with a degree in marketing in 2018. Moved to Boston following and have been involved in the electronic scene there since. Enjoy deep digging on electronic labels, DJing and writing reviews/thoughts on different EPs and albums. Host a radio/mix series called goeswithoutsaying.
Noah Hedrick
I studied illustration and art history at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb IL. I love all things related to art and thinking about these things critically. Some of my freetime activities include: biking/running, digitally painting, attempting to trade options, and browsing a variety of internet publications like Pitchfork, Slate, The Atlantic, USA Today etc..
Nicholas Cook
Persuing a master's in Elementary Education at ODU en route to teacher licensure. Taking a break from writing lesson plans to explore the music of our lives and why each track matters.
Javier Padilla
Degree in English, work as a teacher, spend most of my free time checking new albums, mixes, music lists, features and reviews. I also love trading, reading books and watching films.
Matthew Frederickson
Graduating portfolio school, prepping for a career in advertising, starting a copywriting internship in July. Stumbled upon Norway by Beach House on the Hype Machine in 2010. Discovered the poisoned irony of Hipster Runoff not long after, which played a pivotol role in my taste and how I discussed it.
Rodrigo Faro
product designer by trade, music lover at every other possible moment. loves coffee, runs, and has opinions.
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