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Louis Hutchinson
Liam Galvin
Ryan Cody
Jake Cody
Jerrod Blevins
Nick Prus
Marcus Michelen
Joey Hughes
Nick Delgaudio
Devrim Berk Gürakar
Mac Kempf
Currently studying at Ohio University with a love for hardcore and metal music. I grew up listening to all the great 90's grunge rock albums and from there my love for music, especially live music, has never stopped growing. Looking at a career in the music industry.
Zane Truesdall
I am a financial mathematics major studying at The Ohio State University. I've had a lot of interest in music since high school, and I am very active on rateyourmusic
Erick Vasquez
My love for music started when I picked up a viola in elementary school. I discovered Elliott Smith at an elementary age. Even though I never understood his lyrics until high school, his music resonated with me at such a young age. His writing is the reason why I was drawn to the written word, and now I am majoring in Creative Wriitng at San Jose State.
Andrew Pitt
Drew Pitt is an experienced music reviewer specializing in detailed reviews of Avant Garde and Experimental artists. When not writing about or listening to music, Drew works at an event marketing firm where he contributes to major events like CES, Adobe SUMMIT, and the LA Auto Show.
Paul Ray
Paul Ray is a Politics and Philosophy undergraduate in Durham, UK.
Morgan Clinton
Morgan pays bills working in booking and production at an independent music venue in Washington, DC. In past lives, and in this one, she's paid dues with prominent indie labels such as Carpark Records, and created content for Hype Machine syndicated music blogs.
Aleksander Prus