R Label Group - SEKTION 1

Over the years Kobosil’s R Label group has made a name for themself, creating a trademark sound that has a punishing sinister drive paired with hypnotic techno rhythms. SEKTION 1 is the R Label group’s first compilation album which continues to set a high standard for techno production featuring some of its old artists as well as new key features who are some of techno’s best up-and-coming artists such as DIMI, Clara Cuvé, Wallis, and In Verruf.

While each track ranges in varying production styles, each artist seems to follow the central theme of any R Label release - fast, menacing, and aggressive. SEKTION 1 proves that Kobosil’s R Label group is pioneering the new school techno sound. 

Part of the Manchester duo AnD, DIMI starts off the compilation on a heavy note with ‘Interconnected Lines’. It opens with hammering and pulsating kicks paired with a groovy bassline to give it a synthy bounce rhythm. DIMI’s production is crystal clear giving it that next-level sound. 

Right after Clara Cuvé's feature continues to keep up the pace of the compilation, offering us her hedonistic techno track. Her first official track release sets high expectations for any future productions. The pounding kicks are combined with alluring vocals and a groovy bassline to lay the groundwork for one beltering tune. ‘Control’ builds range within the track by layering features of melodic trance and acid. 

Later down the tracklist R Label veterans New Frames gives us ‘Staub’ which makes you feel like you are being taken through a seance of sorts. The hard kicks and ritual call-like vocals combine to create an apocalyptic sound while building threatening tension throughout. 

Recently added R Label artist In Verruf helps to end the latter half of the compilation on a high note, carrying the energy until the very end. The hard techno trance tune incorporates ever-building layers of hypnotic melodies and industrial sounds to create a dj tool perfect for any warehouse.

At a time where morale is low, SEKTION 1 gives us something to look forward to. There is some excitement that comes with knowing that once clubs finally open up again these tunes will make their way to a sweaty and dark techno dancefloor. 

Favorite tracks: Control, Staub

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