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As we’ve entered this prolonged quarantine music has become more important than ever before. When it’s not possible to go out and be social or go to live events our at-home audio setups have become our best friends (even more so than they already were at least).  

Our goal here at Natural Music is to help people discover their new favorite music.  We believe music adds value to life and that humans are better than algorithms when it comes to music discovery. Think about it. How many of your favorite artists and albums were recommended to you by a friend? Probably most of them. Our goal is to be that friend for everyone.

Our team is comprised of people across the globe, with the common goal of sharing their knowledge of music with the world. If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

Over the past month, we’ve seen great forward momentum on social media as well as web traffic and we want to capitalize on this momentum. Currently, we are primarily looking for a web designer and a graphic designer (and this could be the same person theoretically). We are also looking for someone specifically interested in helping us utilize Twitter and grow our presence there more. But even if that’s not you, we’re always looking for people interested in writing or contributing on content from album reviews, to Instagram posts, or really anything you can imagine. 

From the birth of Natural Music in the summer of 2017 I’ve tried to go about operating as a startup instead of just a music blog. The comparison doesn’t go far (yet) but at the core of that idea I mean that running something like Natural Music isn’t easy and that I’m looking for intrinsically motivated individuals passionate about our mission. I am always open to ideas of any type if they will enable us to further accomplish our mission. If you want to take initiative and bring ideas to fruition I’m happy to enable you to leverage the audience we’ve grown at Natural Music.

I'll keep it simple, send an email to (or visit this contact page) if you want to contact us about any of the following;

- sharing an idea or critique

- writing or contributing to Natural Music

- working for Natural Music in some other capacity [design, marketing, etc]

- reviewing your new album

- press requests

- other

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