Sunil Sharpe - Etaci

Etaci by Sunil Sharpe

Earlier this year longstanding techno great Sunil Sharpe released Etaci setting another high standard for electronic music production by combining the sounds of techno, electro, and hints of acid into one charming tracklist. It was released on Ellen Allien’s BPitch records which identifies themself as a label that is a ‘strong brand for strong personalities.’ Certainly, Sunil Sharpe’s Etaci EP lives up to this claim. 

From beginning to end each track seems to form and follow its own narrative, drawing you in with its dark melodic progressions. The EP incorporates eerie electro sounds, distorted vocals and rhythmic kicks to feel like you’re being carried through a journey in a digital wormhole. While the tracklist is short and sweet, no song will leave you disappointed. Any track with catchy kicks and vocals has my heart, so my favorites on the EP are Amun and Timber. 

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