Rosalía and Travis Scott - TKN

Spanish artist Rosalía returns with the new single and video “TKN." The video is directed again by Barcelona-based creative team CANADA, with whom she previously worked on her larger-than-life "Malamente" and "Pienso en tu mirá" videos.

With this new track, Rosalía confirms that she continues to be interested in high-reaching projects and collaborations, as Travis Scott joins her in the production and vocals of the song, another rapper who starts singing some lines in Spanish (along with Drake and Frank Ocean). 

Ambition and versatility are key elements in this cut, not only for language issues but also because both artists convey a willingness to crossover styles, sounding at moments like trap, urban, hip hop and even pop. According to Rosalía, “TKN” (pronounced “Tekén”) is about the idea of belonging to a family and how artists hardly ever walk alone, always surrounded by their crew, friends or family, their most inner circle all in all.

Curiously enough, some cinematic references are scattered all over the lyrics, from Gaspar Noé to La Dolce Vita and also the character of Kika, played by the magnificent Victoria Abril in the eponymous Almodóvar’s film, not to mention the photographic image of bosses. She proclaims “Lo’ capo’ con lo’ capo’ y yo soy la mamá” (“Bosses hang with bosses and I am the mum”). Ok, we know how the bosses are from now on. 

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