Our Team's Friday Bandcamp Picks

This Friday, June 5th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, Bandcamp has waived it’s share of the revenue for purchases. Many labels have committed to giving their proceeds to Black Lives Matter groups, anti-racism organizations, and local bail funds. You can find a running list of artists and companies that are donating their Bandcamp revenue to organizations here. We wouldn’t have the music we love without black artists. Please keep donating and protesting — it’s collective action and continued pressure that brings change.

Our team has put together a short list of albums and singles we purchased today. We encourage you to support your favorite artists and causes while Bandcamp's generosity lasts.

Black Dresses - Peaceful as Hell

Since it was removed from streaming services last month I figured now is a great time to own one of the best noise pop records of the year. - Liam

Black Plight | NNAMDÏ

On the opening track of Nnamdi’s new EP, “My Life”, the genre-bending Chicago artist juxtaposes material damage with the value of human life “My life, what’s it worth to you // You can fix a target but you can’t bring a person back to life." Brat has been one of my favorite albums of the year and all proceeds will be split between eatChicago and Assata's Daughters. - Alek

CHANCE デラソウル  - Besides

A fantastic future funk record I’ve had on repeat for the past couple months. Decided to go ahead and put my money where my mouth is and buy this one since I’ve been recommending it to basically everyone I know. - Eric

Shygirl + Arca  - Unconditional

A collaboration between two of my favorite experimental electronic artists, “Unconditional” is a haunting reflection on what it means to be a citizen. Funds garnered from the purchase of this track are donated to Black Lives Matter and Inquest UK. - Noah

Moor Mother - Fetish Bones

Moor Mother unleashes a torrent of sonic fury on this blistering 2016 project that feels more fresh now than it did the day it came out. Moor Mother takes her twisted rage and emotion and delivers a pointed record that lays bare the atrocities of racial violence in America. - Drew Pitt

Wumbo - Everybody Couldn’t

Lush instrumentals and ingenious songwriting. All proceeds from this spacey indie outfit’s full-length album will be matched and donated to the  Baton Rouge Community Bail Fund in Louisiana, where pretrial incarceration rates are among the highest in the country.  - Wade

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