Cory James - Walls of Avila

Cory James returns to Monday Off with a tripped out 4 track EP, Walls of Avila. On “Avila,” James slides through hypnotic sounds and places his melodies intricately among a flurry of hi-hats and compressed kicks. The remix to the title track comes from Ruhig on the B-side. Switching up the hypnotic for a driving rhythm, Ruhig delivers a punching track that maintains an off-kilter bounce throughout. The second track off the EP is “Bubble Nebula,” a slippery and winding techno track, with spiraling filters and revolving patterns. True to its name, “Bubble Nebula” bursts past the 4 minutes mark into a voyage of dark and psychedelic. The accompanying B-side “Bubble Nebula (Eyes Down)” retains tension while offering a spark. Kick drums are drenched in reverb and there's a peak well worth waiting for.

Cory James is based in New York and is the co-owner of Dusk Notes. The vinyl only record label, Monday Off, is run by Mary Yuzovkaya out of Brooklyn, New York.

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