Bandcamp Continues to Waive Share of Sales to Support Artists

Online music marketplace Bandcamp has long been a bastion of independent artists and musicians. Last month the platform made headlines when Bandcamp waived its share of revenue from all music sold on Friday, March 20. In that one 24-hour period, fans purchased $4.3 million in music and merchandise, all of which went directly to the artists.

As the pandemic continues to force concert cancellations and dry up artist income, Bandcamp has decided to further waive its share of sales on May 1, June 5, and July 3.

In a music industry dominated by on-demand streaming, it’s no secret that the lion share of an artist’s revenue is generated from touring and merchandise sales. With touring across the U.S. on hold, Bandcamp is giving fans the opportunity to support their favorite artists directly.

Read the full statement from Bandcamp by clicking here.

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