April 2022 Standouts

April 2022 Standouts

Dance music is powerful but far too prolific, here’s our attempt at highlighting some of the best EPs, Singles, Albums, Comps, and Mixes from April.

Selections will skew towards the incredibly vibrant Brooklyn scene because thats our home.

We'll be launching a submission page this month where readers will be able to suggest additions or projects for the current month.

We're always looking for new contributors because we'd love to bring some life back into this site, if your interested just click this link to send me an email or shoot us a message on Instagram!

If you're here for the first time check out our first monthly roundup from March.

Singles and EPs

Maara - Goddess Within [Radiant Love]

Drummy - Double Stop [Kindergarden]

With Double Stop, Drummy dials up the energy while delving into a deep, dark sound palette. The EP heaves and crashes throughout, playing with texture with a maximalist approach.

Overmono - Cash Overload [XL]

Mr Mitch - WORK! [Gobstopper Records]

Mosca - Who Don’t Hear They Must Feel

Bianca Oblivion - Sub Zero [Magic City]

Escaflowne - Looseys V8

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr - Speed Dembow Vol​.​II [WAJANG]


An Avrin - Parisian Pitstop EP [Scruffed Recordings]

DJ Swisha - Assorted Flavors Vol. 5

Heavee - Audio Assault [Hyperdub]

Heavee has carefully developed a mutant strain of VGM influenced, wavy synthesiser-heavy footwork that shines on 'Audio Assault'. It's an energetic collection with moody, gliding synth melodies, confident swagger and moments of relaxed harmony, laced with trippy, unexpected production details.

Albums and Compilations

Siete Catorce - Cruda [SUBREAL]

Cruda is full of forms gathered from the producer’s world, sonic articulations that have followed him throughout his life and work: music distortedly blasting through the street, a family dancing cumbia, birdsong from the trees, the psychedelic pitch-blackness found deep inside a rave.

Brainwaltzera - ITSAME [Film]

Anonymous artist Brainwaltzera balances futuristic technical vision with emotive melodies across sixteen spiraling tracks. ITSAME skirts all genre boundaries opening with jittery breaks before settling into emotional idm, some post-rock, foreboding electronica, and even fingerpicked acoustic guitar interludes.

Whatever The Weather - Whatever The Weather [Ghostly International]

Lorraine James trades her usual, off-kilter club kicks and snares for beatless, dreamy melodies with the debut of her new project and alias ‘Whatever the Weather’.

Astraltopia - Astral Plane Recordings

DJ Travella - Mr Mixondo [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

At only 19 years old, DJ Travella represents a new wave of singeli producers who are driving Tanzania's breakneck dance sound into fresh, innovative spaces with dense, kinetic and unashamedly sexy energy.

Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales - Consumed in Key [Turbo Recordings]

A reimagining of Plastikman’s 1998 magnum opus ‘Consumed’, TRANSFORMED as a new collaborative composition between original artist Richie Hawtin and sad musical genius Chilly Gonzales.

Finn - Everything Is Alright [2 B REAL]

"Back to basics. 9 Manchester House jams."

Various Artists  -  Nervous Horizon, Vol. 4

FCK RLTY LP 01 - Frantzvaag - Solo Super

HeForShe x femme culture Vol. 4


Beige - AMEN! Vol. 1 [T4T LUV NRG]

“Amen! Vol. 1” is a singular presentation of a sound developed by Beige that is very personal and deeply connected to their history. Beige’s mix is an amalgam of ecclesiastical breaks and gospel house delivered with intensity and soul power like only they can do. It’s everything you can expect from a T4T release and a dj we’ve had our eyes (and ears) on since this banging boiler room mix last summer.

DJ Wawa - From Fumiya To The Jacking Zone [Mixtape Club]

DJ Wawa presents Mixtape Club 008 - two hours of pure dance music magic, recorded live from a back room in New York.

Physical Therapy - Slow Garage 220422 [NTS]

Physical Therapy delivers an hour of garage music played at the wrong tempos.

Juanita's 420 Mix: DJ SWISHA

"Recording this mix was a fluid expression of myself, how I listen to and experience music while high. The only prompt I gave myself was “what do I want to listen to on 420?” and I recorded it first try."

Fact Mix 853: Jamz Supernova (Apr '22)

A 3am club mix full of inspired blends from one of the UK’s favourite DJs and presenters, Jamz Supernova.

Untitled 909 Podcast 110: Boo Lean

“A wild ride that goes straight in for the kill with tracks from Silence Groove and a Phantasy & Aphorite remix. Keeping that energy alive and pumping throughout the mix, Boo Lean uses this opportunity to rinse tracks that she hasn't put into mixes yet. In her own words, she describes the mix as "spring cleaning my mind, body, n’ soul. Deep Swifferin’ Mode."

d o w n 2 e a r t h 40 - livwutang

A special mix by Livwutang for Earth Day giving lots of life sowing other and underworlds. Aqua waves, ray beams, fertile grounds, warmth and light all in balance.

Crack Mix 445: Ariel Zetina

In both her productions and DJ sets, Ariel Zetina keeps the vibes high and spirits soaring as she takes listeners on a journey through genres, eras and tempos. “This is a high BPM mix,” she says. “Techno for people who can't get into techno. A smattering of acid, some Chicago shit and some Belizean shit – plus some other surprises. This was such a fun mix to do and I hope everyone feels the energy!”

Ariel also had an excellent XOXA mix this month in which she“refurbished and recontextualized a lot of "club era" songs aka 2014ish”.

SLINK MIX 006 - Sterling Juan Diaz

“Sterling Juan Diaz is a native New York DJ, a dear friend of the [SLINK] crew, and in our opinion one of the most consistently exciting DJs in NYC at the moment! Traversing a wide range of rhythms and grooves, shimmy-inducing dancefloor rawness, and blissed-out vocal moments, this mix hits the gas and never looks back.”

Hessle Audio feat. Ben UFO & Four Tet - 11 April 2022 [RINSE.FM]

SPND20 Mixtape by Naty Seres

The berlin-based DJ and producer is one of the newer additions to the booking roaster of Berghain where she recently started her residency. Enjoy an hour of breaks-driven and techno-focused energy! ✨

re:lax w/ re:ni & laksa 030422 [NTS]


lock in for : “half an hour of almost exclusively unreleased yco & gabber into dancehall and back again” by one of the most interesting experimental producers of 2021 live from SUTRA in Belgrade.

50/50 Transmission #22 - Daughters of Frank [Rhythm Sister]

Jadalareign 120422 [NTS]

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