March 2022 Standouts

March 2022 Standouts

Dance music is powerful but far too prolific, here’s our attempt at highlighting some of the best EPs, Singles, Albums, Comps, and Mixes from march.

Selections will skew towards the incredibly vibrant Brooklyn scene that I'm so blessed to be involved with so deeply.

Community is so important in the electronic music scene and for that reason we'll be launching a submission page soon where readers will be able to suggest additions or projects for the current month.

We're always looking for new contributors because we'd love to bring some life back into this site, if your interested just click this link to send me an email or shoot us a message on Instagram!

For posterity's sake we've rounded up some of January and February's best electronic and club sounds too, but these are still a work in progress.

Singles and EPs

Aquarian - Mutations I: Death, Taxes & Hanger

Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton - Alandazu E​.​P. [Livity]

Discgirl - Into The Reality


Nikes - Soft n Jungle

Physical Therapy - Teardrops On My Garage

Albums and Compilations

Dax J - Soul Enforcer LP

Pouch Envy - VIP CLUB EDITS VOL. 2

Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge [Posh Isolation]

Teishi-1 - Waves

Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelingz [HIJINXX]

object blue - Grotto

Trudge - No More Motivation [Lobster Theramin]

Fennec - a couple of good days

Lighght - Seodra [Doom Trip]

V/A - Nyamakala Beats n°3 [Blanc Manioc]

MoMA Ready - Singles

Please - White Label Trax


Mystique (*Manchester) - 01-Mar-22 [Threads]

If you listen to just a few of these mixes make this one of them. For a monthly takeover at Threads aptly described as "Mystique shelling a euphoric selection of breaks, juke, hardcore and jungle"

Courtesy on NTS | 120322

Popoff Kitchen Special #2 - PEACHLYFE

Monika Taneska 033: w/ Ma Sha Ru (Sha Ru)

Ron Like Hell @ Sustain - Release Year 7

Daisychain 216 - Mx. Blaire

Somersault 180 (Kooxla) “Spectra”


Bok Bok b2b Equiss - 06 March 2022

Truancy Volume 289: Bruce

Dweller 2022 Friday Live Recording (Escaflowne @ Nowadays)

XOXA Blend 093 - NICK BOYD

1020 Radio — ELEANOR with Darian — 23rd March 2022

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