Album of the Week

Arca - KiCk i

June 26, 2020
[deconstructed club]

KiCk i is Arca at her most optimistic, presenting sweltering experimental club beats the beam with self-assuredness.

EP of the Week

Dirty Projectors - Flight Tower

[art pop]

Fight Tower is part 2 of a 5 part series resulting in the album 5EP's.

Across four tracks, Longstreth and his collaborators grasp at defined boundaries and solid forms, drawing on the freed-up sensibility of 2018’s Lamp Lit Prose to present long-held affectations with renewed immediacy. The EP is helmed by singer Felicia Douglass, whose smooth voice is an antidote to Dave Longstreth’s ceaselessly complicated arrangements.

Other Notable Releases

Klô Pelgag - Notre​-​Dame​-​des​-​Sept​-​Douleurs [baroque french art pop]

"" album which sees Klô add lashings of indie-pop sensibilities, textured with soothing piano, synth-pop and orchestral brass and strings to accompany her poetic chansons - poésie - and which crafts an album replete with magical aural delights to invites the listener into her private world. Her most accessible and addictive album to date"

Daniel Avery - Love + Light [ambient techno]

Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure [nu disco, dance pop]

Mike - Weight of the World [abstract hip hop]

""I’m fineprint, you ... really cursive as shit”

MIKE continues growing and affirming his pride and purpose. Like much of his other work he carefully balances melody and energy. MIKE is so in touch with who he is on this projec that you feel like you know him better than you know yourself, a true musician and inspiration.

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