Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

Devrim Berk Gürakar
June 26, 2020
[dance pop, disco]

Jessie Ware launched her career in 2012 with her delightful first album Devotion and immediately became one of the most beloved singers in her home country. Her sophisticated pop has matured over the years, and she dared to experiment further with genre on Glasshouse, which performed commercially below expectations. This journey eventually prompted her to throw herself back into a brand new musical adventure.

With her fourth album What's Your Pleasure?, Ware returns to her origins as a singer, inspired by house, disco, and funk. Opening track “Spotlight” perfectly illuminates where the British singer wants to go on this project and immediately creates a very fine dynamism that gets a dramatic touch thanks to singing strings. The eclectic funk influences and Jessie Ware’s unrivaled voice thus open the doors to a large musical ballroom from the start. When album highlight "What's Your Pleasure?", one of her best songs, starts, my mind is blown away from my body.

Instead of working with a large team, Jessie Ware decided to work mainly with producer James Ford and opted for the composer Jules Buckley. The result is absolutely impressive and ensures that we hear funk in blood form in songs such as “Oh La La La.” Although ballads are missing on this album, the voice of the 35-year-old singer remains the ultimate attention-grabber.

It is quite remarkable how playful and sensual Ware positions herself on her new album. “Read My Lips” and “Step Into My Life” exude tons of sex appeal, further enhanced by horny bass lines and brooding synths. The tender violins on “The Kill” are a nice addition to the beats from which tension drips. The disco theme was absolutely continued on What's Your Pleasure, and every song feels like a new conquest on a night out.

Besides the delightful singles “Save A Kiss” or “Mirage (Don't Stop), the final track “Remember Where You Are” is the absolute gem of the album. The song was created after a discussion about the world’s current political situation and emphasizes keeping all your loved ones as close to yourself as possible. Together with a choir and endearing melody, Ware sings her way to your heart.
In recent years many artists have increasingly opted for serious and political themes. The new trend in the pop world seems to be from the past. The ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s are back, serving as a great source of inspiration for this flawlessly fun album. On What's Your Pleasure? Jessie Ware uses her voice as the ultimate instrument and she converts the irresistibility of love into music by crowning herself queen of the ballroom.


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