#SaveOurStages Pushes Legislators to Save Independent Venues

If you’re a live music lover, you probably miss those loud, sweaty venues where sound filled the room and questionable dance moves swayed with abandon. Before the current age of six feet apart, live venues were reliable, albeit noisy havens for like-minded souls and music discovery. Today, these concert homes face a unique crisis. 

When COVID-19 initially loomed, venues were the first to close. Based on the projected public health models, they will likely be among the very last to re-open. Statistics provide grim numbers pointing to a nightmarish reality where a number of these doors will permanently close. Regrettably, iconic venues such as Great Scott in Boston and Slim’s in San Francisco have already bitten that bullet. Thankfully, there is hope in sight and powerful, actionable ways for fans to help thwart such a grisly outcome. 

Go to SaveOurStages.com and tell your legislators to save independent music venues.

Recently over 1,400 venues in all 50 states have joined forces to create the National Independent Venue Association (@nivassoc). NIVA’s preliminary goal has been to lobby Congress for the necessary legislation items which would ensure these pillared cultural establishments survive. As congress is presently negotiating the next legislative relief package, the input of independent venues, artists, and fans will help in the advocacy for this crucial music industry sector’s federal aid. 

Several prominent artists, which include Spoon, Bon Iver, and My Morning Jacket, have already voiced their support of this cause. And like concert hall patrons singing in unison, collectively our voices can make a loud statement to congressional leaders. Whether fans of metal, indie pop, classic rock, or alt-folk, many will likely feel this is a mission worth going hoarse over. To back this precipitous cause, go to SaveOurStages.com to sign their petition. With the help of many, we can #SaveOurStages.

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