Marc Rebillet Plans First Tour of Drive-In Theaters

Loop Daddy is tired of staying at home.

Marc Rebillet, the one man band known for his largely improvised performances built on a digital loop station, is planning a national tour that will take him to drive-in theaters across the country.

Rebillet’s agent told CNN the Marc Rebillet Drive-In Summer Tour will be the first of its kind. So far there are eight tour stops on the schedule which includes dates in Baltimore, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City. 

“We are following all CDC guidelines,” reads a statement from the tour’s promoter, HOTBOX. “Cars will be parked at their minimum distance in accordance to each state’s safety recommendations. Guests are required to remain in their vehicles at all times with the exception to use the restroom. All drive-in staff will be wearing gloves and face coverings and tickets can be purchased online only to ensure contactless payment.” 

Each show will also commandeer a local FM frequency, allowing attendees to listen to the performance audio via their car radios. 

Rebillet has a sizable and dedicated following online. His live streams, absurd sense of humor, and seemingly endless bank of off-the-cuff songs have kept him connected to his fan base despite the Coronavirus outbreak. That base is part of the formula that makes Rebillet the perfect guinea pig for concerts in the post-pandemic world.

"I certainly hope that doing this at least opens up the doors to this possibility to be a reality for other bands, and other acts — I would love to see that," Rebillet said in his interview with CNN. "I know the live music-going public would love to see that. Everyone is just fucking desperate to do something where they're around people."

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