Four Tet Releases 17 New Songs on Soundcloud

Last week, Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet, dropped 17 songs over the course of 2 days on SoundCloud. The surprise pack included early demos, variations of previous releases including “Angel Echoes” and “Daughter,” R&B mashups and live edits. A well sought-after Boiler Room ID finally saw the light of day this past week, with the track titled “23min36 sec BoilerRoom.” The track had not been ID’d from Four Tet’s very own London Boiler Room session from 2015 – until now. Another highlight, was the release of the London native’s take on Ne-Yo’s “So Sick.” The edit was originally heard in a Lot Radio stream back in November 2019 and that chat room went nuts. 

As of today, a majority of the tracks are still on Four Tet’s SoundCloud and are available to download, for free. The only track missing thus far is an edit of “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child, taken down due to copyright violation – if you got that one, consider yourself lucky. 

Each song is accompanied by its own unique cover by artist Jason Evans, a constant Four Tet collaborator also responsible for a number of the artists official album covers.

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