July/August 2022 Standouts

July/August 2022 Standouts

This summer has brought an onslaught of killer electronic and club tunes and we were a little too busy dancing the time away for a proper July roundup.

Dance music is far too prolific and it's impossible to keep up with but here’s our attempt at highlighting some of the best EPs, Singles, Albums, Comps, and Mixes from the last two months.

Selections skew towards the incredibly vibrant Brooklyn scene because that's our home.

We're always looking for new contributors because we'd love to bring some life back into this site, if your interested just click this link to send me an email or shoot us a message on Instagram!

If you're here for the first time check out our monthly roundups from rest of the year.

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Singles and EPs

Nick León - Xtasis [Tratratrax]

Ambient Babestation Meltdown & JBS - Who Goes There EP [Optimo Music]

“Who Goes There”, the debut collaborative release from Ambient Babestation Meltdown and JBS arrives on Optimo Music bathed in reverence to science-fiction and the infinite, charged possibilities of interplay between raw electronics and the human voice

LADYMONIX - High Notes [Frizner Electronics]

Escaflowne - House Type Beats

Kincaid – Sugar [Control Freak]

RAVETRX - Run 'N' Hide [Cheeky Music Group]

Ronan - Interdépendence [On Loop]

Sage de Lestrogén - Femme Fatale EP [Cheeky Music Group]

Main Phase - Hard 08 [Hardline]

“New dark swing” is what bloggers called it back around the turn of the millennium: The stripped-bare, crisply produced, bass-heavy UK garage which would mutate in short order into dubstep. It was short-lived but pivotal sound, and now Danish producer Adam Schierbeck—here on a Manchester “no-nonsense club music” label—recreates it with glorious gloss and menace."

Joe Armon-Jones and Mala - A Way Back

Deep bass mastermind Mala has gradually expanded his work with live musicians over the years, but this collaboration with the keyboard superstar of the new London jazz generation is something else. Over five tracks, Joe Armon-Jones’s soul synths and liquid piano licks are blended into the heaviest of heavyweight dub in the most delightful of ways. 

El Blanco Nino - Mute City [Kenyon Sound]

Ploy - UNIT 18 E​.​P. [Deaf Test]

Sam Goku - Glistening Club Music Vol​.​1


SW2 ft Yoni Mayraz - Twin Carbon / Incognito [GD4YA]

Gunston - Unit / Bloodclaat [Hyperactivity Music]

Huey Mnemonic - Black Manta Corps [Subsonic Ebonics]

Kai Whiston - Between Lures 

The opening track on Kai Whiston’s new album (coming out Sept 16th) features Whiston’s vocal smothered underneath a driving breakbeat and vivid strings. 

Albums and Compilations

Hudson Mohawke - Cry Sugar [WARP]

Thugwidow - Seventh Circle Of Litness [Western Lore]

"Seventh Circle Of Litness is a dizzying collection of rave inspired dance tracks that have no earthly business sitting together on a record.


“My aim was to mutate those genres, collecting different types of Arabic rhythms and cooking them with Jungle, Jersey Club, Reggaeton, Footwork, etc. It’s an irreversible equation, like a chemical reaction, where the output is a melted piece which cannot be broken down into its separate inputs” – ABADIR


Bass has sifted the pockets of its sub-genres for decades, perpetually in search of a fresh direction. SCREAMER’ plugs spirited pop melodies and a scorched, glitchy coating to the UK Bass cannon. The production is akin to a Grimes record; it could, in fact, be the more dangerous twin sister of ‘Vision’. This is a wondrous and invigorating release that encapsulates the most lucid of club moments while airing a conflict that asks undemanding questions. - https://100words.uk/

M Geddes Gengras - Expressed, I Noticed Silence 

Purelink - s/t [UwU dust bath]


No Comment sheds the more cerebral material for full force club bangers, jumping from techno to jungle to hardcore with prowess in each fiery exploration.

V/A -  “Contre tout, toutes et tous, la terre demeure” [Mama Told Ya]

Bloomfeld - LARP OS

Following a debut Berghain performance and Rinse FM Culture vs Reality residency, Overthinker Mob founder Bloomfeld prepares the genesis of his digital art renaissance. Meeting at the intersection of ethno-futuristic braindance and hedonistic club heat is LT-BlOOM-01

Mall Grab - What I Breathe


foundation.fm: the mix hour + Zeynep

Mumdance / Primavera Sound 2022 / Four Decks / Ninety Minutes

Baltra w/ Ariel Zetina - July 2022

HÖR radio with DJ Fart In The Club, Ibu 600 & D. Tiffany (July 12 for Planet Euphorique

Origins Tapes 069 - Amy Dabbs

Animix Ninety: deep creep 

Diverse, exciting and always fresh... Somehow always finding a way to blend smooth tech house and groove with surprising pops of dubstep, bass and beyond.

cosmo's gospel house mix 01

Ayesha @ Nowadays (Aug 6, 2022)

A 3.5 hour tour de force into the sunrise from Nowadays resident Ayesha. Also check out her July set from the Fourth World festival where she got to bring her mutant bass to the catacombs of The Basement for an enthralling hour. 


DJ Python at Lente Kabinet Festival 2022

Stella's Snacks - Rose Kourts | HÖR - Aug 8 / 2022


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