DIIV - Deceiver

Devrim Berk Gürakar
October 4, 2019

The turbulent life of Zachary Cole Smith has surely deprived us of a greater continuity in the trajectory of DIIV, always having the feeling that his career was going trumpeting. With a history of drug addiction quite loaded and promises of new recordings that had never just arrived, it seems that the expected rebirth of the group with this 'Deceiver' has finally arrived. The union of Smith and Caufield in the creative process has been totally decisive for this set of themes to sound harsher and more forceful, knowing very well how to fully exploit the environments of depressive dyes that have never abandoned their compositions. Perhaps what attracts attention in this work is its firm commitment to jump more shoegaze and abrasive, something that perhaps they had been claiming for some time as a result of how tormented their concerts could be. Throughout the album it is not difficult to get involved in the good guitar tangle performed with crudeness but always printing a languid character, as if the songs were about to be consumed. Good examples of how enjoyable this fact can be comes with an 'Between Tides' that grows in a choppy way or the way in which the melody of 'The Spark' manages to break with all this atmosphere. It is clear that DIIV on this occasion have looked more towards Slowdive than the groups of their own record label, obtaining a quite positive result and that in the end it can be the revulsive that was expected of their career. The domain exhibited at the time of transit through changes of intensity of the most pronounced is a maximum during all the work. This technique undoubtedly encourages us to face its less linear LP. If we add quite unlimited resources to the pedalboard, songs like 'Like Before You Were Born' are most complete both in the sound plane and in the way of transmitting the most devastating moments. And it is that despite the sensations that the group of doors transmits about the renewed of their lives, these songs continue to be involved in the cryptic and agonized, lands that at this point seem inseparable from their songs.


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