Das Das - Das Das

Ryan Cody
May 14, 2020
[synth punk]

The self-titled debut from German synthpunk duo Das Das (not to be confused with English band The The) is a rollicking, playful mess. Bleats of bluesy guitar punctuate the inexorable pulse of synth bass and drum machine, up-tempo and unrelenting. At times, the rhythm of the synth bass takes on the furious scuttle of the industrial or EBM side of techno. At others, its rhythm is jaunty and cartoonish. The drum machine sounds like someone slapping a piece of paper with a drumstick.

This description may make the album sound like a haphazard effort, but Das Das captures the purity and unpresumptuous nature of first-wave punk, and it works much to the LP’s advantage. Singer Cosey Mueller channels the frantic yelps and yells of her forebears in a commanding and assured performance. It’s all permeated by the incessant hiss of Joe Sarletti’s synthesizers, linking Das Das to past greats like Suicide, The Screamers, and D. Stop.

Like their synthpunk and minimal wave predecessors, the music of Das Das isn’t likely to reach many ears. But there’s a certain romanticism to that and they probably know it. It sounds like they’re making the music that’s in their hearts and there’s a real beauty to be found in the moment when it finds its way into another’s.

Purchase the album here: https://detritirecords.bandcamp.com/album/das-das-s-t


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