Boy Harsher - Careful

Devrim Berk Gürakar
February 1, 2019

Boy Harsher have dancing in dark cellars since their debut album "Yr Body Is Nothing", and on their followup "Careful" nothing has really changed. With the 1980s and the resurgence of these sounds in the 2010s, the band is committed to a double past. Their output, carried by old synthesizer sounds, is cold, somber and dismissive as you dance to brutalism.

Jae Matthews speaks more than she really sings, sounding like an Annie Lennox on Valium. Meanwhile, Augustus Muller explores in the arrangements the narrow degree between monotony and variety. That both got to know each other at the film school flows clearly into their music: an enthralling mix.

In the hesitantly built up opener "Keep Driving" Boy Harsher's film fascination shines through. To mysterious sounds and Matthews' whisper, synthesizer waves slowly build up as if they were from a 1980s soundtrack that describes the dystopian future of 2014. In addition to "Crush" and the title track, the piece represents more sound collage than song.

The duo from Northampton, Massachusetts, will have seven classic tracks to catch up with " Face The Fire ." A synthesis of captivating synthesizers, precise beats and Jaes ghostly vocals. "Pull through my broken teeth and my lies.” The song "LA" subtly echoes Depeche Mode's "A Matter Of Time" and "Behind The Wheel," paired with dark wave and long meandering synth passages.

In the process, numbers like "Come Closer" have something wicked about them. They smell like the adult section of a run-down video store, with the feel of a sex club backroom. Matthews wants to know shattered Hi-NRG waves, "You've got a dirty little secret / Can I keep it?" Completely surprisingly and without warning, "Lost" flows through warm synthesizer chords a small touch of light, just to make it off with the final claustrophobic title piece.


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