Blind Seagull – Nails

Ryan Cody
January 15, 2020
[post punk]

Searing guitar riffs erupt from a maelstrom of pounding basslines and punchy kick drums. Full-bodied synths suckthe light and air out of the few remaining spaces left behind by the band’s crushingly direct approach. Blind Seagull creates a sound as dense as a blackhole. It is entirely opaque and substantial enough to beat someone over the head with.

At first glance, the band arrives in the mold of Joy Division and Bauhaus. But Nails is a fresh take on an old sound from a shifting and restless band—they’re doing to post punk what Sweet Trip did to shoegaze: taking the traditional instrumentation of the style that they work in and incorporating electronic elements to create an all-consuming aural experience. Blind Seagull is a band to watch out for.

Favorite tracks: “Waste”, “Run”.

Nails is the band’s third release on Detriti Records and is available for purchase as a 12” vinyl record for €16 euro or as a digital download for €7 euro.


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