Album of the Week

Yves Tumor - The Asymptotical World

July 16, 2021
[neo psych, glam rock]

Though not as atonally experimental as Yves' earlier and more fluid records, The Asymptotical World is the aftershock that fuses these ideas with a more accessible glam rock sound.

EP of the Week


Kai Whiston - Drayan [uk bass, deconstructed club]

Kai Whiston’s mixtape “Drayan” is noisy, atmospheric and genre bending as ever, an enthralling listen and quite the concept (go read more on bandcamp).

Midwife - Luminol [shoegaze]

Self-described as “heaven metal” Midwife’s newest album is dreamy, droney shoegaze with emotive but sparse lyrics.

Varg2™’s EXIT WOUNDS is 20 minutes of jungle oriented trancey deconstructed club.

Rodrigo Amarante’s ‘Drama’ feels like a Tropicália artist for the 21st century, artfully fusing Brazilian and Latin American traditions with progressive songwriting and arrangements that touch on pop, psychedelia, folk, and rock.

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