Album of the Week

Wet Leg - Wet Leg

April 8, 2022
[indie rock, post-punk revival]

Half of these projects could have been AOTW but Wet Leg’s infectious debut record is a dazzling romp through the chaos of your mid-twenties we’re sure to revisit for long to come.

EP of the Week


billy woods - Aethiopes [abstract, experimental hip hop]

Daniel Rossen - You Belong There [progressive folk, chamber folk]

Daniel Rossen (former Grizzly Bear frontman and multi-instrumentalist) delivers an architecturally grand and genuinely transporting debut album reminiscent of ‘Vecktamist’ in the best ways.

Whatever the Weather - Whatever the Weather [ambient, idm]

Lorraine James trades her usual, off-kilter club kicks and snares for beatless, dreamy melodies with the debut of her new project and alias ‘Whatever the Weather’.

Syd - Broken - Hearts Club [Contemporary R&B, Alternative R&B]

Broken Hearts Club is an expertly sequenced, well packaged ode to a lost love by the former The Internet frontwoman.

Jack White - Fear of the Dawn [art rock, blues rock]

Fear of the Dawn is an intense barrage of rock and wild guitars from start to finish and likely Jack White’s finest solo output to date.

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