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Vegyn - Like A Good Old Friend

March 19, 2021
[ambient house, IDM]

Vegyn has worked with everyone from Frank Ocean to Kali Uchis but on his latest EP he creates adventurous pop leaning experimental electronic music perfect for the warmer spring days.

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Lana Del Ray - Chemtrails Over the Country Club [singer/songwriter, art pop]

Riddled by questionable behavior over the past year, Lana Del Rey’s new album ‘Chemtrails…’ follows her 2019 effort with ease, riding that record’s creative high but looking further back into her past to tie her whole story together in one place.

Alice Phoebe Lou - Glow [indie pop, pysch pop]

Alice Phoebe Lou really nails a mixture of acoustic folk, soul, and blues on a vulnerable, introspective album of full-on grooves.

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