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µ-Ziq - Goodbye

March 25, 2022
[idm, breakbeat, jungle]

'Goodbye' sees µ-Ziq revisiting the nineties, taking on jungle and it's precursor jungle tekno and upgrading them with the benefit of hindsight and contemporary software.

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Other Notable Releases

Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge [progressive electronic, ambient trance]

'Remember Rainbow Bridge' is a celebration of the liminal space between phases of life, and the chrysalis of youth infused with the restless energy of adolescence and a dawning sense of mortality. 

Destroyer - LABYRINTHITIS [art rock, synthpop]

Dan Bejar’s marvelously inscrutable songwriting reaches beyond meaning on his most live-sounding record in years, he finds clarity when language recedes and the music takes over.

Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems [hardcore punk, rap rock]

On their groundbreaking new album, the Philadelphia hardcore group, Soul Glo, mixes actionable rhetoric, absurdist humor, and real punk energy like no band before them.

Kilo Kish - AMERICAN GURL [electropop, alt dance]

The shapeshifting multimedia artist Kilo Kish ventures into pop with a concept album built around a videogame sort of aesthetic. The record marvelously blends soaring and energetic hooks with extremely textured and glitchy instrumentals.

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