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Turnstile - Glow On

August 27, 2021
[hardcore, dream pop]

With GLOW ON Turnstile continues to evolve into one of the most exciting US punk bands on the scene today.

The Baltimore band’s spectacular fourth record expands their musical palette to include shoegaze, R&B, and even a little reggae-pop — yet the band’s intensity and hardcore spirit never wane.

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Other Notable Releases

Space Afrika - Honest Labour [ambient, sound collage]

Space Afrika’s newest record is beautiful way to spend 46 minutes. At the core it’s an ambient album, but one that maintains your attention and breezes by like emotions converted into music.

Indigo De Souza - Any Shape You Take [indie rock, bedroom pop]

Indigo De Souza’s outstanding second album spans grungy rock and colorful, hi-fi pop, illuminating her impressive voice and her ability to wring out every last drop of emotion.

QRTR - infina ad nausea [electronic, indie dance]

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