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They Hate Change - Finally, New

May 20, 2022
[experimental hip hop, drum & bass]

For anyone who’s been feeling suffocated by the sameness that’s been afflicting hip-hop and pop—where a small handful of ideas gets recycled endlessly, and a spin through the big new-release playlists quickly devolves into a blur—They Hate Change’s Jagjaguwar debut, Finally, New lives up to its name. Finally, a record that can satisfy the geeky headphone trainspotters and the hedonistic ass-shakers, too.

Finally, New is what a truly post-genre musical landscape is supposed to be: building deep connections that transcend outdated distinctions between them, spilling over with the joy of exploration and possibility, and daring other artists to think broader, go deeper, take bigger risks.

Let the rest of them keep playing by the old rules—They Hate Change will keep changing the game.

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Other Notable Releases

A quick catchup post for May :)  It’s been a light month of new music but here’s some notable releases from the weeks of May 5th and 20th.

Kevin Morby - This Is a Photograph [chamber pop, folk rock]

Ravyn Lenae: Hypnos [contemporary r&b, neo-soul]

Saâda Bonaire - 1992

Released now for the first time ever, 1992 compiles the band’s long-lost early nineties material. Produced between Bremen and New York City, the 12 songs presented here capture the group's attempts at steering their trademark fusion sound (reggae, afro-funk, Eastern music, and sultry German female vocals) into uncharted nu jazz, trip-hop, and house territories.

Sharon Van Etten  - We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong [indie rock, singer-songwriter]

Ibeyi - Spell 31 [alt r&b, art pop]

Otoboke Beaver - Super Champon [hardcore punk, noise rock]

Wilma Vritra - Grotto [Experimental Hip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop]

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