Album of the Week

The Microphones - Microphones in 2020

August 7, 2020
[indie folk]

Phil Elverum resurrects his beloved Microphones alias for a 44-minute song about art making, self-mythologizing, and the endless search for meaning.

EP of the Week

Paul Institute - Summer 2020

[alt r&b, synthfunk]

Jai and AK Paul release another EP from their Paul Institute project, running down the full line-up of Paul Institute artists, and introducing a new member of the stable: Pen Pals.

As with any VA release, there's a discrete quality to each track. What unifies the project is The Paul Brothers' usual fluidic production.

listen here -

Other Notable Releases

Duval Timothy - Help [post jazz]

Multi disciplinary artist, Duval Timothy, delivers a minimal jazz inflected with elements of Black diaspora, enslavement, and abstract art.

Hudson Mohawke - B.B.H.E. [wonky, uk bass]

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