Album of the Week

The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You

December 11, 2020
[neo psych, neo soul]

We Will Always Love You is a beautiful and heartbreaking album full of luscious sampling and big hitting features.

EP of the Week

Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke - Her Revolution / His Rope

[trip hop]

We can only pray this trio continues to collaborate, the result is exactly what we would have expected and the world needs more.

Other Notable Releases

Taylor Swift - evermore [folk pop, chamber pop]

On her second surprise album of the year, Swift pushes the boundaries of her indie reinvention, with great success.

Black Wing - No Moon [darkwave, post-industrial, shoegaze]

Dan Barrett's Have a Nice Life side project is exciting, noisy and unusually cold.

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon III: The Chosen

It's exactly what you'd expect, which can be comforting or maybe just irritating.

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