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Sons of Kemet - Black To The Future

May 14, 2021
[uk afro jazz]

Black To The Future is compelling proof that British jazz is leading the way right now. A thrillingly rich tapestry that combines passionate reflections on the meaning of black power ... with sonic love letters to black culture past and present.

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Other Notable Releases

Bbymutha - bastard tapes vol. 3 [southern hip hop, trap]

Bbymutha‘s bastard tapes vol. 3 is a hard-hitting compilation that showcases the Chattanooga rapper’s versatile flows and cutting lyricism.

Fatima Al Qadiri - Medieval Femme [ambient, Arabic]

Medieval Femme, barely half an hour long, uses repetition to suggest open space rather than abundance. The songs are sparsely arranged but expressive, surrounding the melodies and Al Qadiri's entrancing vocals with vast pools of reverb.

Giant Claw - Mirror Guide [experimental electronic]

Ohio native and co-founder of experimental label Orange Milk, Keith Rankin, has spent the past decades subverting the identity of the region and built a global network of boundary-shattering musicians that challenge genre conformity. His latest under the Giant Claw is a utopian sound collage befitting of its cover.

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