Album of the Week

No Joy - Motherhood

August 21, 2020
[noise pop, dream pop]

Motherhood is an eclectic record that shows Jasamine White Gluz at her most exploratory, twisting No Joy's sound into new, compelling shapes. A noisy but dreamy pop-leaning shoegaze record.

EP of the Week

Troye Sivan - In A Dream

[synth pop]

Troye Sivan shows real potential in drifting towards a more experimental, lusty art pop sound.

Other Notable Releases

Matmos - The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form [sound collage]

Matmos delivers a gargantuan project constructed from contributions from 99 collaborators from across the worlds of experimental, electronic and indie music, stipulating that each piece must adhere to a tempo of 99 BPM.

Bully - SUGAREGG [indie rock]

SUGAREGG roars from the speakers and jumpstarts both heart and mind. Like My Bloody Valentine after three double espressos.

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