Album of the Week

Momma - Household Name

June 17, 2022
[indie rock, power pop]

A very slow 3 weeks in new releases led by Momma’s ‘Household Name’. The record is a joyous selection that melds together its alt-rock influences to locate a distinctive voice, pitting intricate instrumentation against killer pop hooks.

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Other Notable Releases

Moor Mother - Jazz Codes [abstract/experimental hip hop, jazz poetry]

Unburdened by the restrictions of form or genre Moor Mother’s lyrics uncouple the knotty intersections of personal and political histories, while her music drifts through noise, jazz, rap, electronica and beyond.

Naima Bock - Giant Palm [Contemporary Folk, Psychedelic Folk]

Soccer Mommy - Sometimes, Forever [indie rock, dream pop, shoegaze]

Soccer Mommy’s third album (and first produced by Oneohtrix Point Never) is rich and varied with highs ascending to ultra-catchy pop bliss and the lows exploring barren depths of depression.

Perfume Genius - Ugly Season [art pop, experimental]

The expansive spirit of Mike Hadreas’ terrific new album conjures and reimagines a mode of experimental pop music that is ecstatic, healing, modern, and queer.

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