Album of the Week

Material Girl - Tangram

June 12, 2020
[sound collage, experimental hip hop]

Somewhere between a scrapbook and a puzzle, Material Girl finds himself putting together on Tangram cuts and pastes not only samples and genres, but emotion and turmoil–a gorgeous and unparalleled listening experience.

EP of the Week


[progressiv trance, hardcore breaks]

AIRHORN is the first release from A. G. Cook since last year's "Lifeline", which marked his first solo single in two years.

edit: This was really just a teaser for what would go to be one of the most prolific music dumps in recent years with A.G. Cook dropping the 7 disc PC music magnum opus 7G and then "second debut" album Apple weeks later

Other Notable Releases

Kate NV - Room for the Moon [art pop]

Bibio - Sleep On The Wing [psych folk]

Naeem - Starisha [alt r&b]

Startisha introduces Naeem as a restlessly creative artist with an impressionistic, genre-bending album. As a complete work, Startisha exemplifies artistic daring and emotional intelligence while exploring new ideas and sounds.

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