Album of the Week

Lomelda - Hannah

September 4, 2020
[indie rock, indie folk]

Lomelda seems to have finally hit her sweet spot on her sublime 4th album, Hannah, a wonderfully life affirming album bursting with powerful emotion.

Essential listening for fans of Julien Baker, Big Thief, Alex g, Lucy Dacus or anyone who just wants to feel something.

EP of the Week

Shlohmo - Heaven Inc. EP

[wonky, glitch hop]

"Latest entry on the human condition, angst and dread, and trying to find truth in this weird world. Fear of the future, hopeful delusion, distrust in power, futility, moments of escape, moments of warmth, floating above and passing through.” Shlohmo

Other Notable Releases

Tangents - Timeslips [jazz fusion]

Improvisational jazz band Tangents returns with a new album of meandering, mind pleasing jazz built around drummer Evan Dorrian.

Vritra - SONAR [conscious hip hop]

Odd Future founding member Vritra’s fluid introspective wordplay are matched by jazzy licks and off-kilter grooves. SONAR treads across a whole spectrum of hip hop, heavily influenced by the LA beat scene and produced by Leon Sylvers IV.

Declan Mckenna - Zeros [glam rock]

21 year old Declan Mckenna’s sophomore album is a contemporary sonic exploration of a tumultuous world built with a heavy hand of glam and glitter.

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