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Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

August 28, 2020
[art pop, tech house]

Kelly Lee Owens find a delicate balance between art pop and emotionally charged techno. Inner Song is an atmospheric journey of celestial techno that floats between KLO's ethereal vocals and sonically rick dance tracks.

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Other Notable Releases

Angel Olsen - Whole New Mess [contemporary folk, singer/songwriter]

Angel Olsen returns with a stripped down variation of her majestic 2019 album All Mirrors. The songs are spare, but still feel electric.

FR/BLCK/PR - I Don't Write Rhymes, I Write Code

Busdriver delivers his strongest project under the alias FR/BLCK/PR [Free Black Press]. A ruminating appraisal of the life of a black man living in 2020.

Sevdaliza - Shabrang [art pop, trip hop]

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