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Jessy Lanza - All the Time

July 24, 2020
[alt r&b, synth pop]

An album that walks a delicate balance between experimentation and dance pop, with the occasional bout high energy juke and electro influences.

"A lot of these sounds came from live take experiments using semi modular/modular equipment like Mother 32 and Dfam and Moog Sirin. Jessy says ‘We got all of the machines talking to one another and would run patterns through. A lot of the little burps and quacks and squiggles heard on songs like Anyone Around, Like 'Fire', 'Face', and 'Badly' are from those experiments. That’s when I’m having the most fun, making music and improvising through takes of the song and editing together all the best gurgle sounds afterwards’."

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Other Notable Releases

Kamaal Williams - Wu Hen [nu jazz]

Kamaal Williams returns with his second album of the year leaning more into the spacey jazz of his 2016 masterpiece Black Focus [as part of Yussef Kamaal.]

Katie Dey - mydata [art pop]

Katie Dey eases up on her customary digital glitches and manipulated vocals for a warm record about the difficulty of forging intimacy through technology.

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