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Hudson Mohawke - Cry Sugar

August 12, 2022
[uk bass, wonky]

Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Cry Sugar’ pulls from everywhere, all at once, swimming in the old and ecstatically celebrating the new. This record is unabashedly anthemic even as it is apocalyptic and frayed. A truly wild sonic epic.

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Other Notable Releases

Danger Mouse & Black Thought: Cheat Codes [east coast/conscious hip hop]

‘Cheat Codes’ is loaded with colourful production courtesy of Danger Mouse pulling expertly from soul, jazz, old school R&B and blues samples. Alongside Black Thought’s lyrical assaults the album is smooth, charismatic and easy to gravitate to.

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom: Reset [neo-psych, psychedelic pop]

Longtime collaborators Noah Lennox and Peter Kember achieve an intoxicating mind meld over a sample-heavy tribute to 1960s pop.

Kokoroko - Could We Be More [jazz funk, afro-jazz]

Kokoroko might not being doing anything particularly innovative with the genre, but their particular approach to that jazzy 70's brand of Afrobeat is really enjoyable. 

Mall Grab: What I Breathe [house, breaks, techno]

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