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Half Waif - Mythopoetics

July 9, 2021
[art pop]

Nandi Rose’s latest effort as Half Waif takes her refined art pop sound to the next level with a triumph of emotions, marvelous production and ultimately an intriguing listen front-to-back.

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Other Notable Releases

Koreless - Agor [progressive electronic]

Arriving a full 10 years after his debut single, Koreless’ first album is a huge display of brain-bending atmospheric sonics more concerned with big feelings than danceability.

Moin - Moot! [experimental rock] 

Vince Staples - s/t [west coast hip hop, trap]

Like Tyler’s 2017 breakthrough, Flower Boy, Staples’s new album is much more personal and accessible than anything he’s put out before but as a result it can feel a little sleepy or slow.

Alphabet Holds Hostage - motherblossom [dream pop]

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