Album of the Week

Evident Ware Full LP

November 13, 2020
[electro, rave]

Sneaker Social Club recently released its two-part art compilation Evident Ware Full. The label hailing out of Bristol, UK offers a fresh set of sounds that range across a variety of electronic genres. The thorough tracklist has key features from Peder Mannerfelt, Clouds and Soundbwoy Killah. Sneaker Social Club poses the statement that UK underground music served to be idealist, escapologist music that said as much about decades of inner-city pressure as it did about outer space fantasies. This album certainly hits on this theme as you’re met with hardcore breakbeat, angsty eletro and urban experimental while listening through.

Favorite tracks: Sooty Tern, Small Faces and Drop.

EP of the Week

Carbone Records - Raving Disorder Vol. 2


Carbone Records’ Raving Disorder Vol.2 is our EP of the week with big features from WarinD, Varya Karpova and Vlaysin. The whole tracklist hits with strong hardcore dance tunes that carry an authentic underground sound.

Favorite tracks: Recording Lockdown, Riots, and Die Raving

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