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Charli XCX - How I’m Feeling Now

May 15, 2020
[bubblegum bass, electropop]

Charli’s quarantine album is fully rooted in the context it was created. Longing for the past and uncertain of the future, it’s a killer project packed with pop bangers.

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Other Notable Releases

Moses Sumney - græ [art pop]

Sumney’s sprawling double-album græ is so rich in content and so vast in musicality it would be impossible to unpack everything in just a sentence, a sonic marvel fusing experimental folk, soul, jazz and art rock.

Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire Immediately [art pop]

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is an album straight from the heart of Mike Hadreas. By embracing versatility and experimentation the best sides of him as an artist appear here. Genius? He certainly justifies that.

Yung Lean - STARZ [cloud rap]

Yung Lean has come a long way from his meme rap roots. In that past, I enjoyed Lean’s melodramatic, adolescent emo-drudgery on an almost ironic level, gawking as he stumbled over spacey trap beats. Much of his signature style remains intact on his newest record Starz, yet he’s never sounded so polished and purposeful before, utilizing techniques and themes in ways previously unaccomplished.

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