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Charli XCX - Crash

March 18, 2022
[dance pop, electro pop]

Despite its minor detours, Crash is a great album by one of hyperpop’s most beloved flag-bearers. It’s a testament to Charli’s commitment to crafting the big ‘sellout’ pop album, which she mostly nails especially on tracks like “Lightning” and “Constant Contact”.

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Other Notable Releases

Bogdan Raczynski -  Addle [idm] 

Braindance survivor Bogdan Raczynski returns with his first full length in fiteen years. The  album is marked U-turn from his early work masterpieces full of trippy and menacing 

Rosalía - Motomami [neoperreo, art pop]

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía's third album has no shortage of bright ideas but fails to organise the many ideas in a cohesive package. The album has some real stunning highlights but fails to find its flow as it bounces from from genre to genre sometimes abruptly.

Jenny Hval - Classic Objects [art pop]

Ecko Bazz - MMaso [kuduro, grime]

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