Album of the Week

Cecile Believe - Plucking a Cherry From The Void

November 20, 2020
[art pop, electronic]

Using her unique voice Cecile Believe searches to connect worlds of pop, sound design and experimental music along with PC Music head A.G. Cook in an album that rivals her debut ‘Made in Heaven’ released earlier this year. Sensual and dream-like, Cecile Believe’s newest album evokes Kate Bush and Britney Spears reimagined in a PC Music world.

EP of the Week


[uk bass, hyperpop, experimental hip hop]

Our EP of the week is ‘Alias’ the second EP from London-based SHYGIRL. This 7-track, 21-minute EP is chock-full of banging beats and unabashedly horny writing.

Other Notable Releases

Liturgy - Origin of the Alimonies [avant garde metal]

Liturgy balances beautiful soundscapes with crushing guitars and glitch-infused elements in what’s sure to be one of the best metal releases of the year. The album is by far Liturgy’s most meticulous and radical statement, pushing their characteristic synthesis between black metal, minimalism, experimental club music, and 19th–century romanticism to new extremes.

Dirty Projectors - 5EPs [comp, art pop]

A 5 EP collection with each EP featuring a different band member on lead vocals – Maia, Felicia, Kristin & Dave – with everyone trading verses on the fifth and final installment.

Keeley Forsyth - Photograph [dark folk, avant folk]

Keeley Forsyth follows up her critically lauded debut album, Debris, with the Photograph EP. Across four tracks the domestic tensions remain, albeit taking a more introspective view. Forsyth’s striking vocals are cocooned within otherworldly synthesisers - they transport her words across continents before snapping back to the room.

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