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Brainwaltzera - ITSAME

April 1, 2022
[idm, breakbeat, post-rock]

Anonymous artist Brainwaltzera balances futuristic technical vision with emotive melodies across sixteen spiraling tracks. ITSAME skirts all genre boundaries opening with jittery breaks before settling into emotional idm ,some post-rock, foreboding electronica, and even fingerpicked acoustic guitar interludes.

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Other Notable Releases

DJ Travella - Mr. Mixondo [singeli, afrobeat]

At only 19 years old, DJ Travella represents a new wave of singeli producers who are driving Tanzania's breakneck dance sound into fresh, innovative spaces with dense, kinetic and unashamedly sexy energy.

Rudolf Abramov - Losing Perspective [post punk, breakbeat]

Rudolf Abramov is "Drums, energy, songs, instrumentals, super production, Post Punk echoing, dance floor destroying, home listening friendly, and completely unique.”

Confidence Man - TILT [dance pop]

Confidence Man delivers a “heaping dose of maximalist escapism from a quartet that just wants you to dance your cares away.”

Alabaster dePlume - Gold [spiritual jazz, spoken word]

Alabaster dePlume ’s warm and wise album is a balm of spoken word and spiritual jazz, both strangely uncomfortable and comforting at the same time.

Duster - Together [slowcore, shoegaze]

Duster is still as potent in the slow core world as before, if that’s your jam.

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