Album of the Week

Bored Lord - Archival Transmission

January 25, 2021
[race, breaks, outsider house]

Bored Lord’s style is deeply textured and energetic, moving from leftfield bass to techno, from nu-metal to pop. She continues to create spaces for collective queer experiences on the dancefloor with her hypnotic bangers. A compilation of banging club tracks produced for bandcamp day releases in 2020. Most have been rearranged or remixed in some way and all have been remastered.

EP of the Week

Logic1000 - You've Got the Whole Night to Go

[deep house, tech house]


Other Notable Releases

Insides - Soft Bonds [dream pop]

The first release by the group in 18 years.

AceMo - All My Life 2 [house, techno]

AceMo bottled the essence of a fresh wave of creativity in NYC Club music with "All My Life 2" featuring cuts produced between 2016-19, pre-COVID.

Lande Hekt - Going to Hell [art punk]

Lande Hekt explores the struggles of growing up queer, and more, on her debut solo album ‘Going to Hell’, a riveting folksy punk record.

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