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Beshken - Pantomime

February 17, 2022
[indietronica, art rock, neo-psychedelia]

Beshken’s sophomore record Pantomime likens itself to the split personality of a clown; a reclusive performer and an outcast entertainer, a dreamer but a misanthrope. The album marks a maturation for the band towards a less accessible (but far more interesting) sound punctuated by experimental live jazz instrumentation, mutated electronics, and lyrics that fluctuate between soul-expanding freedom and constricting self-doubt.

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Other Notable Releases

Beach House - Once Twice Melody [dream pop, neo-psychedelia]

“Once Twice Melody” is an extremely comfortable collection of nostalgic songs.  What it lacks in true innovation, it makes up with some genuinely enjoyable dream pop, that at its best, reminds one of Beach Houses’ early hits

Methyl Ethel - Are You Haunted? [psychedelic pop, neo-psychedelia]

Methyl Ethel’s fourth album is their most experimental, yet poppiest, album to date thanks to the eclectic mix of psychedelia, dream-pop and Webb’s distinct warble, vibrating as if through the walls from another room.

A. Sarr - You and I In Unison [modern classical, ambient]

Nicaraguan-born, Brooklyn-based composer A. Sarr invites you to sink into the sparse, piano-driven beauty of ‘You and I In Unison’ as deeply as you can (and preferably on headphones for full effect). “This music isn’t something to understand, it’s something to hear. So please, listen with your whole body.”

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