Album of the Week

A.G. Cook - Apple

September 18, 2020
[pc music, art pop]

A. G.Cook’s “second debut album” contains a grab bag of glitchy dance songs and heartfelt ballads, featuring both his signature PC Music production and perhaps uncharacteristically, his own vocals

EP of the Week

Slauson Malone - Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)

[neo soul, sound collage]

Slauson Malone (of Standing on the Corner) delivers a gorgeously arranged piece of jazz and Neo-soul with blissful, soft guitars and amazing percussion, complimented by effortless rapping.

Other Notable Releases

Deradoorian - Find The Sun [psych rock]

With ‘Find The Sun’ Deradoorian offers a meditative collection of Stereolab inflected psych rock.

Hudson Mohawke - Airborne Lard [wonky, uk bass]

Hudson Mohawke returns with his 3rd wonky, bombastic project in just a 2 month span.

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