Album of the Week

100 Gecs - 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues

July 10, 2020

@100gecs highly anticipated remix album featuring elements of bubblegum-pop, screamo, rock, pop, hip hop and pretty much every genre you can think of. A snapshot of pop’s alternative future, or maybe just a masterpiece in madness.

EP of the Week

Sufjan Stevens - America

[progressive pop, art pop]

'My Rajneesh' is a sprawling epic bursting with diverse instrumentation, drawing inspiration from his Age of Adz era and especially the incredible closing track 'Impossible Soul'.

Unfortunately the track is better than anything on Sufjan's full length from this year, The Ascension.

Other Notable Releases

Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, and 9th Wonder - Dinner Party [jazz rap]

Kamasi Washington,Terrance Martin and co. combine the worlds of jazz and hip-hop for Dinner Party, creating a record easy on the ears that leaves listeners wishing for just a bit more.

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