Who would have known when we started this month just how drastically different our lives would be coming into April. For most people quarantine guidelines have only been in place for a couple of weeks but already it's starting to feel like years, stranded at home without the respite of live music or dancing on the weekends. If you're in the mood for some calming ambient music check out these 10 ambient albums to get you through quarantine and if not then enjoy our guide to the best new albums, singles, and live mixes released in March.

Best albums

March 2020

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - The Illusion of Time

[drone / progressive electronic]

Ambient techno mastermind Daniel Avery teams up with synth mastermind Alessandro Cortini for a genre-bending 10 track exploration of the relationship between density and delicacy. A timely record accentuating the beauty among the madness. [Nick]

Childish Gambino - 3.15.20

[neo soul, contemporary R&B]

It’s easy to write this off as a collection of half-baked loosies and idea skeletons, but I think we ought to start embracing the mixtape style release and consider it almost in it’s own artistic category. These may not be polished, fleshed out ideas, but there’s no denying the fascinating glimpse we are given of Donald Glover and his creative tendencies across the 57 minute runtime of 3.15.20. These tracks range from shimmering summer anthems to crunchy, dark Alt-R&B numbers with the unifying factor is that they all sound and feel like they were born of the same wacked out, but undeniably creative, mind. [Nick]

R.A.P. Ferriera - Purple Moonlight Pages

[jazz rap / conscious hip-hop]

Purple Moonlight Pages is Rory Ferreira's most naturalistic and spontaneous album yet, a jazz-rap manifesto for freedom which feels urgent and relaxed in equal measures. Back when he released music as Milo, Rory used to make it clear that he'd studied philosophy -- now, with Purple Moonlight Pages, the philosophy has become organically embedded into the music, psychic liberation expressed subliminally using the language of warm keys, cosmic digressions, and images of domestic bliss. [Paul]

Porches - Ricky Music


The latest project from Porches is a short but sweet grouping of synthy art-pop songs. Short tracks connect the stellar singles that really buoy the album. From straightforward pop songs like “Do U Wanna” to quirky tracks like “Fuck_3”, this album has its footing in a lot of different genres and executes on most of them successfully. [Liam]

Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony

[conscious hip hop]

After 10 years of rumors and false starts Jay Electronica’s debut album is finally here and it does not disappoint. A Written Testimony is a densely constructed album, full of subtle nuances and top notch sampling along with features by Travis Scott, James Blake, Khruangbin and most notably Roc Nation boss Jay-Z who spits some of his best bars in years on nearly every track.

Porridge Radio - Every Bad

[indie rock, post punk]

Every Bad, the second full-length from British art-punk rockers, Porridge Radio, is a soundtrack for the times. Exploring the bleakest ends of human emotion, Dana Margolin’s raw lyricism is a refreshing take on the complexities of life and relationships. Guitar driven instrumental components propel the record out of stark introspection, creating altogether catchy lo-fi, post-punk goodness. [Morgan]

The Weeknd - After Hours

[alt R&B]

An outstanding mainstream pop album that finds Abel abandoning the outright party vibes of ‘Starboy’ in favor of more moody introspection reminiscent of his 2012 debut album Trilogy and songs like “House of Balloons”. This is music you listen to when the parties over. The album’s production shines bright managing to sound both futuristic and retro at the same time with heavy 80’s influenced sections but also bits of cloud rap, drum and bass, dream pop and more. [Alek]

Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner

[indie rock]

Nap Eyes are Kings of slacker indie rock — their laid back approach works so well because their ease of playing directly translates to ease of listening; they’re nothing more than friends performing in a suburban basement. “snapshot of a Beginner” is the Canadian outfit’s tightest record yet without sacrificing any of the vibes. If you ever find yourself taking them too seriously, listen to them try and convince you that Mark Zuckerburg is a ghost...lemme tell you, they make a compelling argument. [Nick D]

Lyra Pramuk - Fountain

[ambient pop]

An ambient album comprised solely of her own voice fusing classical training, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture (think Arca) in what may best be described as futurist folk music. [Alek]

Dopelord - Sign of the Devil

[stoner metal]

Sign of the Devil may wear all of its influences plainly across each track, but that doesn’t make them any less thrilling. By combining elements of doom, thrash and more, Dopelord crafts one of the most thrilling metal experiences of the year. Each track is dangerously heavy, and prone to induce absurd amounts of headbanging. Listen to it at full volume, if your neighbors have any taste they’ll enjoy it too.

For more metal music from the month of March check out of Monthly Metal Roundup.

Nils Frahm - Empty

[modern classical, ambient]

Empty is a soothing vessel of eight simple and serene pieces originally recorded as the music to a short art film he shot with his friend and film director Benoit Toulemonde. Drifting through emotions from the stark and sobering to the gently euphoric, Empty is a comforting score for these turbulent times.

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Best EPs

March 2020

Haru Nemuri - LOVETHEISM

[japanese noise pop]

An EP that we couldn’t even begin to describe if we tried. It’s a bombastic, frenetic explosion of energy that absolutely took us by surprise [Alek]

Dirty Projectors - Windows Open

[chamber folk]

It’s a collection of bright, elegant, and simple tracks like these that makes you think that Dave should just stick to songwriting and playing the guitar and leave the vocals to others. A short & sweet EP filled with lush instrumentation, delicate vocal performances, and enough pop sensibility to be the perfect companion to a warm weathered afternoon. [Nick]

Fax Gang - FxG3000

[experimental hip-hop / cloud rap]

A warped cyber-journey through lo-fi noisy beats and nearly incomprehensible rapping. The future of music will sound like outdated operating systems and broken machines -- and i’ve finally come to terms with that. [Nick]

Magdalena Bay - A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling


 If you are looking for blissful, clean, and bright synthpop, look no further than Magdelena Bay. The duo has been releasing singles and short EPs consistently for the past year or so with A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling being their lengthiest project to date. It is home to a few of those singles and a handful of new tracks guaranteed to make you feel like getting up and dancing. (Favourite Tracks: Venice, Killshot) [Liam]

Best singles and music videos

March 2020

Yves Tumor - Kerosene

"The need for new maps is growing for me + possibly everyone. Connecting interdependencies through sounds, moments, + people. My hope, while u listen, is that this sound map points u to places + spaces that have helped me out w keeping my mind curious, traveling + connected."

Perfume Genius - On the Floor

A colorful ode of yearning and desire wrapped in a comfy psychedelic pop blanket. [Nick]

Rina Sawayama - XS [contemporary r&b]

Transition from a string of metal-influenced power chords to a catchy 90’s influenced R&B hook. It shouldn’t work...but it does. [Nick]

Henry Blaeser - Of Love

Columbus based multi-instrumentalist Henry Blaeser’s second track is a beautifully layered pop track. The track was the highlight of an EP Henry decided not to release.

Lingua Ignota - O Ruthless Great Divine Director

It’s clear that Lingua Ignota has mastered the art of emotional ballad turned misanthropic industrial cut, but god is this a cathartic listen. [Nick]

Protomartyr - Processed By The Boys

Protomartyr’s doomsday cynic style of post-punk has never felt so relevant and so immediate. It’s also got a killer sax part. [Nick]

Porter Robinson - Something Comforting

As Porter leans more on his songwriting chops, he’s finally able to strike this balance of blissful electronic music without losing the feeling of being whisked away to a distant planet with a bright and hopeful future. [Nick]

The Radio Dept. - You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby

The Radio Dept. have mastered the art of making “music to listen to while driving on a brisk autumn morning, thinking about your high school crush” and this is a perfect example of that. [Nick]

Coucou Chloe - Nobody

Coucou Chloe keeps pumping out banger after banger and her short but punchy “Nobody” shows that her streak of twisted deconstructed club cuts isn’t stopping anytime soon. [Nick]

Best mixes and sets

March 2020

Helado Negro - New Maps

"The need for new maps is growing for me + possibly everyone. Connecting interdependencies through sounds, moments, + people. My hope, while u listen, is that this sound map points u to places + spaces that have helped me out w keeping my mind curious, traveling + connected."

JD Twitch - Tranquility Mix 2

Here is the 2nd in a series of 'mixes' I intend to make over the coming weeks of music that I find particularly tranquil. I will try to make these one hour sessions filled with beautiful music that is helpful and calming to listen to while we get through this extraordinarily hard time. The music here definitely helps me feel less anxious.

Kali Malone - 24th March

An hour of classical and ambient selections from the Stockholm-based composer.

Archival Feedback - Coral City Camera Mix #007

Research has shown that looking at aquariums can help elevate moods and lower blood pressure, so Coral City Camera might just be the boost you need in these anxious times: It’s an underwater webcam streaming live from a coral reef that sprouted up along Miami’s seawall over the past decade.

Dekmantel Podcast 274 - SPFDJ

Swedish born SPFDJ is a renegade spirit and ruthless DJ. She describes her own style as "trashy" and has said before that she disregards anything that might sound happy. To that end, she brashly bangs together techno, EBM, acid, industrial and trance in provocative and confrontational ways

Live At New Forms: Jana Rush

Veteran Chicago footwork DJ Jana Rush sends the crowds in Vancouver wild.

RA.718 Low Jack

End-of-days club music.

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