A quick 100 tracks, what we found to be the most interesting and affecting tunes of the year.

In this playlist we tried to highlight standout tracks from a lot of albums that didn't make our top 100 albums list because they deserve to be heard too.

2023 Track Highlights

A couple words on our favorite tracks of the year

James K, Hoodie - Scorpio

This is truly a track unlike any other I know. I first heard it laying in a hammock at Dripping fest this summer. The subdued sub bass and barely audible snares wafted out of a small stage set up in a barn and floated across the festival grounds. As soon as James K's angelic voice started in I knew that I already missed too much of this special artist's set.

It's a track that feels immediately like you've known it your whole life. It's nostalgia, dreams, love, missing someone, and bliss all rolled into one sleekly produced track of the year.  

Black Country, New Road - Turbines/Pigs

Black Country, New Road may have lost their frontman but in his place gotten 3 vocalists. Their album Live at Bush Hall was criminally slept on this year without a feature on any best of 2023 list we came across. Maybe it's because it's a live album, but its also just a ... brand new album with music never released before. And it also happens to be the most beautiful music the band has ever released.

I was lucky enough to catch this album played through before and after its release (and even before that via a bootlegged concert tape). This track "Turbines/Pigs" has given me goosebumps in every iteration I've ever heard it. There's not much I can write to explain its power, so just press play.

Water From Your Eyes - 14

One of a few standout tracks from an album self described as a "a swollen contusion of an album: experimental pop music that’s pretty and violent, raw and indelible."

I'm beginning to see a pattern as WFYE is the band I've seen live more than any in my life. In venues of every variety from record store to DIY space to traditional venues this band goes so hard.

Lost Girls - Ruins

Jenny Hval doesn't make bad music but this one in particular is a real stunner.

ML Buch - Working It Out

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