Our guide to the best new electronic albums, EPs, and singles, and mixes released in May 2020. Check out our Best of May Mini-mix by contributor Adam Mazey here.

For lovers of independent music outside of electronic also check out our Best of May list!

Best albums

May 2020

Moodymann - Taken Away

[soul, funk, house]

Detroit’s very own comes back with soul cuts, funky melodies, and groovy basslines. This release is stacked with vocal chops and fantastic sampling, take the ride with KDJ, whatupdoe.

Kassa Overall - SHADES OF FLU

[freestyle jazz remix tape]

The title is an homage to Overall’s favorite producer, Madlib, whose own jazz remix album SHADES OF BLUE revolutionized how hip-hop producers engage the jazz archive in 2003. On SHADES OF FLU, Overall unleashes his formidable, if unsung, talents as a producer, once again redefining what jazz is, this time through the medium of the remix.

Auscultation - III

[ambient house]

Throughout, these shadowy psychic rhythms percolated at the periphery, as both escape and exorcism. The songs share a smeared mood of longing and lament, foggy melodies gliding through low-lit spaces, dissipated dance floor ether spiraling like smoke under a streetlight. It’s a music of faces in the night and things unsaid, swaying at the threshold. What could have been and what will always be.

Nathan Micay - The World I'm Going To Hell For

A strikingly contemporary political overture tape of 100% original music composed by Nathan Micay with his cello, viola, violin and distortion pedal.

Josey Rebelle - Josey In Space

Coming off winning Essential Mix of the Year, Josey Rebelle delivers her contribution to Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space series. Expect slippery house grooves, dreamy breaks, and touches.

Hyperextension: The Complete Physical Therapy Remixes, Vol. 1

[techno, breaks, remixes]

They say it takes a village to raise a scene. But going to town at the cutting edge of highly online, intermittently danceable electronic music for a full 10 years? That takes a particularly determined kind of web sheriff. Laid down somewhere between LaGuardia, Gatwick, Tegel and the most far-out of Altered Zones, these edits have soundtracked countless summer days, half-remembered house parties, and cherished DIY venues long since crushed and made into Vice offices.

R Label Group - SEKTION 1


Over the years Kobosil’s R Label group has made a name for themself, creating a trademark sound that has a punishing sinister drive paired with hypnotic techno rhythms. SEKTION 1 is the R Label group’s first compilation album which continues to set a high standard for techno production.

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Best EPs / Singles

May 2020

AceMoma - EP2

[footwork, breaks]

 Quick cuts and bouncy tracks, MoMa Ready & AceMo return with a stellar 4 track EP.

Sleep D - BSD-01


Melbourne’s very own Sleep D come through with unmatched atmospherics and energy.

Cory James - Walls of Avila


Hypnotic sounds and intricate melodies flutter throughout this haunting release.

India Jordan - For You

[breaks, uk bass]

Following a successful string of seemingly effortless dance cuts and extended plays, UK producer India Jordan returns with their most refined effort yet. These fast-paced, woozy house tracks are constructed as one part pure euphoria, one part thoughtful introspection. Being the titular “You” India brings to the table a daring combination of careful cogitation and care-free movement. We must think everything and nothing all at once.


[techno, trance, dark wave]

FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD is able to utilize new and darkwave samples to give these tracks a nostalgic techno sound. With each track hitting at least 140 BPM there's not one song on the tracklist will leave you bored.

Danny Daze - Propaganda & Manipulation

[techno, idm]

Shredding IDM and sludgy techno, Miami’s Omnidisc boss comes back with a head splitting 4 track EP. 50% of the proceeds go to Miami-based independent record store, Technique Records.

Upsammy - It Drips


Slippery, melancholic and layered. This single from upsammy has us excited for her full album release Zoom coming this June.

Mama told ya - Body changes are natural


Mama told ya is a record label based out of Paris created by French producer Anetha. The label’s second EP offers a set of techno tracks that are dark yet hypnotic. The powerful and rolling sound of Copenhagen techno proves to be a good pairing with melody and groove that Anetha and Hadone bring to create one charming tracklist.

Jayda G - Both of Us


A catchy release from Jayda G, piano chords and a slowed down climatic break deliver pure ecstasy. A would be anthem of this summer’s festival circuit.

Walton - Debris (ITX017)

[techno, breaks]

Gritty and tough, this collection from Walton is filled with jaw clenching breakdowns and chaotic DJ tools.

Sugar - Horsepower EP (Kulør 007)


Courtesy’s label, Kulør, comes back with 4 tracks by Sugar for the Horespower EP. The release is equipped to take you into deep hypnosis.

Planet43 - Mycology 2


A follow up to 2016's Mycology EP on AC Records featuring four brand new electro tracks.

Best mixes and sets

May 2020

Laurel Halo - Public Knowledge: Carrier Bag of Music

100% unreleased material from myself, friends and artists I admire, in the form of sketches, drafts, field recordings and archival sounds. Featuring (in order of first appearance) DJ Python, Lyra Pramuk, Jenna Sutela, Steph Kretowicz, Ariel Zetina, Bendik Giske, Mari Matsutoya, Parris, , Laurel Halo, Eli Keszler, Yair Elazar Glotman, Julia Holter, Colin Self, Coby Sey, JAB, Shanti Celeste, Reece Cox, Yu Su, Lucrecia Dalt & more.

Clara Cuvé - Possession Podcast #98

Munich techno Dj, Clara Cuve brings the heat in this one long techno mix sprinkling in varying styles of french hardtek, EBM, acid, and trance in what (I believe) is the best techno mix of the month.

gorilla vs. bear sunday mix 009 | Sofia Kourtesis

Boiler Room: Low Heat | Sherelle

DJ Healer - Der Traum

Whoever this person is, they exist on a higher plane. It feels so beyond human to care as little they do about the public spotlight and fame to truly satiate oneself solely with the beauty of electronic music. For the unacquainted see DJ Healer - Nothing To Loose [2018]

Ellen Alien b2b Hector Oaks for Griessmuehle Berlin, Save Our Spaces - 5.8.20

Jamie XX & The Avalanches - 5.15.20 for NTS

Whoever this person is, they exist on a higher plane. It feels so beyond human to care as little they do about the public spotlight and fame to truly satiate oneself solely with the beauty of electronic music. For the unacquainted see DJ Healer - Nothing To Loose [2018]

Spring Step with AM [Natural Electronic writer Adam Mazey] - 22 May 2020

A colorful selection of house, techno, and breaks as we step through spring.

In Focus 001 - Palms Trax

A mix completely centered around the creations of Joaquin Joe Claussell. “Over the last couple of years I’ve found his music to have this wonderful effect on a dancefloor where the whole place can feel like it’s levitating, so when lockdown hit I started going through his records at home and found it to be incredibly healing. Hopefully some people out there feel the same way!“

Darna@Home - A Brief History of Morocco's Electronic Music

Kaytranada - 5th May 2020 by NTS Radio

Courtesy / May 20 / HOR Berlin


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